Monday, August 09, 2004

Giving Birth

Today our little company, Five Across, gave birth to our 1.0 product, InterComm. It is am important day for all of us, and especially so for me, as the little darling was conceived in me, which I guess makes me its natural mother.

My friends Paul and Anita Towner just gave birth to a real baby girl a short few days/weeks ago. My own daughter Roxanne just turned 1, and Georgia turns 8 this Friday.

And so the circle of life, and software, continues. I have shipped at lot of products at this point in my career. I've stopped counting, but major versions of major products from major companies number around 20, I would say, and that doesn't even count minor products from teenie little startup companies.

I've been here before. It feels the same. It's scary. I hope the product is good, and serves the users well. I know we put a lot of work into it, and shipping it is kind of like the beginning of a human life: we've prepped and eaten right and worked hard to give birth to the product, but now we have to feed it and care for it and teach it a few things. And so we will.

If you stumble upon this blog and have no idea what I'm talking about, and have still read this far into it, please look on our home page, to see what it's all about. Unless you found this through a search engine time warp and it's several months or years later, in which case I can't tell you what you'll find on the home page -- maybe version 4.0 of InterComm, our darling little baby in high school already.

Forgive the sentimental nature of this post. Just go download the software and try it out...


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the release of version 1.0 - what a major milestone and a great product. I really think you've hit the market well too, anticipating needs. In my own small company, we use IM extensively, and it certainly looks like you know what we use it for.

Mike Landis
Chief Manager

Anonymous said...

I know the feeling - not from launching specific products, but businesses in general. It's bad when your offspring disappoint you or others ("No, really, he's a good kid!"), but wonderful when people praise them. Here's hoping your baby does you proud!

--Jackie Danicki

Ashwin said...

Hi Glenn,

Awesome work.I infact share a couple of experiences that you might be going through now.My baby is not one year old..she is even younger though.

As you were targetting the middle and bottom end of corporate pyramid with your IM product, we were doing almost a similiar thing with our collaboration tool.

Conceived a modularized version of virtual meeting tool, with blocks that could be added or removed on the fly.Also added flexibility in terms of pricing options.Well I strongly believe that the collaboration market is confused a bit by the offerings that are available.On the one hand its cluttered and on the other, there are very telling gaps in satisfying the real needs.

Wish us good luck on our endeavour to contribute 2 cents to give a realistic solution to this market.

All the best buddy.

BTW, we can exchange notes on issues of common interest.Doesnt hurt to share each other's outlooks on the same market.

You can reach me at

PS: I tried to download and use ur product.Amnt sure if i dint do it right.I wasnt succesful opening the messenger!