Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Blogging for people who have nothing to say

This phrase was going to be our tagline at one point. It seems that a lot of people sort of want to start a blog, because they think they're missing out on something, but they just don't have anything to say! Or at least they think they don't, which amounts to the same thing.

We've been thinking about this because the line is blurring between blogging, which is more of a social phenomenon than a technical one, and personal web publishing which is basically what you have if you're using blog software but you're not really "blogging" as much as just putting stuff on a web page.

So if you're worried about being called a "blogger", just think of it as the easiest way in the world to put a photo, or a Word file, or anything else, up on a web site so people can come and get it.

Directions to your house.

A party invitation.

A file that is too big to email to somebody.

Your resume.

Give it a try. You don't actually have to have anything to say!

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