Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Our live demo at the DEMO conference

We demo'ed the first public beta of Bubbler today onstage at the DEMO conference, which gives you a 6-minute slot to show off new products.

We took live photos of the audience and presenters, captured some live audio on an iPod ("podcasting"), and entered live text, and brought up a full multi-media blog in 58 seconds.

We then stepped back, showed off the page a little, played the audio clip, brought up a photo, then turned on a bubble machine to pump bubbles into the room. Total elapsed time under 2 minutes. We were done.

We were awarded the coveted DEMOgod award tonight at the awards banquet, which was a really wonderful experience.

The page we put up during the 58 seconds is still there, untouched, at this url: http://bubbler.net/demo if you want to see it. Note the A-list bloggers in the audience (Robert Scoble, Buzz Bruggemann, Renee Blodgett). It was a great time.

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