Sunday, March 13, 2005

More on Blog Conversations

I just found Richi Jennings' href="">post
about blogs as conversations in a Technorati search, and he's got me thinking
about this again. He writes:

Twaddle. What we have right now, is a messy prototype.
Comments are too prone to comment spam, most people find it hard to understand
the concept of trackbacks, and the whole thing is just too damned

In thinking about it more, I realize that the
problem is that most blogging software is browser-based and it's really,
really hard to write web pages such that clicking on something (like an orange
RSS chiclet) pushes something useful upstream to the browser. In fact browsers
go to a lot of trouble to make sure this isn't possible for the most part,
because that "something useful" could well be a virus or something awful. So we
have abominations like bookmarklets that you're supposed to drag onto
your tool bar. Right. Great. Just because it works at all, people are slapping
each other on the back in congratulations. Not so fast, I say...

How do we allow people to write on specific parts of the web without (a)
spam, and (b) permissions problems from hell? This is the crux of the issue.

Sorry, Richi, I'm still thinking about it :)

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