Saturday, May 28, 2005

Drag and Drop Web Publishing

During our public beta period we learned a lot, mostly from our customers. Overwhelmingly they told us: you are a site-building tool, and blogging is just a small part of it.

This is fascinating to me, because we launched the beta as a blogging tool. I now believe that a lot of the people who are investigating the blogging phenomenon don't really want blogs, they want web sites, but they want them to be dramatically easier to build and maintain.

So we added more templates that have horizontal menu bars and enhanced the multiple page and multiple site support. And what we ended up with is truly drag and drop web publishing.

It simply does not get any easier to get content onto a web site. Drop photos (or audio, or video) onto Bubbler, and your files are instantly live on the internet. Nothing else to do. Not even an OK button, much less a "publish and wait a few minutes" button.

We think that all web sites should be built this way: just take a handful of content and throw it, and it will stick to the web. Simple. Powerful.

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