Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Fixing problems

We are a real-time company. If you have problems with our software, tell us about it. We are responsive and will help you quickly and even fix problems as quickly as we can.

In the traditional software world, you had to wait six months for a bug fix or a new release of your favorite productivity tool. We've learned to "live with" bugs in software because the hopes of getting them fixed seem very dim. Can you imagine writing to a big software company's support address and either (a) getting an actual response from a human, or (b) seeing your problem addressed?

We've fixed a good number of problems within a few hours of hearing about it from our users. Horst-Dieter Schipporeit is one of our customers, in Germany. He writes to our support hotline and points out things, and we fix them. I think he would describe us as a responsive company, even if our response is "that's a great idea but it's a few months down the road"

Try us.

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