Thursday, July 07, 2005

I Don't Like Dashboard or Spotlight

I've upgraded to Apple's "Tiger" OS and I'm trying to like it, but really I don't.

I don't need or want Dashboard widgets, but there's NO WAY to turn them off, or opt out. The closest thing is to "Remove from the Dock" but all the widget processes are still running.

I also don't want Spotlight indexing everything on my computer, and there is no opt out for that either! I turned off all the check boxes for types of content in preferences but it's still indexing away and there's NO WAY to turn it off or stop it. That is totally bogus.

Do I have to go in and edit /etc/rc files to stop this?! That's crazy! New features are fine, but it's my CPU and I want an off switch for these new things!!


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