Saturday, June 07, 2008

new iPhone - my rumor mongering

I don't like to participate in the Apple rumor mill, and given more than 5 years since I worked there, my contacts have gone cold, but given the high level of secrecy, something big must be up.

I'm thinking video conferencing.


Saeedi said...

Nah, Just faster and cheaper. No video yet! Although I must admit the price range has dropped to affordability and now I'm sensing the Treo will die a horrible death on July 10th.

Glenn Reid said...

Yawn. It's not even cheaper when you realize that the service plan went up $10/mo and it's a 2-year commitment. Oh well. The Treo should disappear, though. Never was very compelling. I had one for a while; it wasn't a good phone or a good PDA, really.

John said...

not sure how the pricing works out for apple, but as a dot mac subscriber, i wonder if apple participates in any of that to support the new "me" operation.

(by the way, remember when "me" was a WINDOWS product brand?!)

i still am on my sidekick, but i think i am taking the plunge, admitedly trading off some great integration in the sidekick, not to mention it's killer keyboard for texting and email, which is very important to me.

Saeedi said...

Going back to the banding. It's interesting to see how the domain's web structure has changed prior to Apple's arrival.

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