Friday, August 29, 2008

Sittin' in Starbucks waiting for the bank to open, and I thought I'd try a blogging app on my phone. A good way to use a lot of time, trying to type with my thumbs!

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Damien said...

Yes but do you like it (LifeCast)?


Glenn Reid said...

It works well. The blog connection especially. There is one "bug" or mis-feature that I encountered. After posting, I wanted to edit my post a little. The app seemed to let me do this--I could edit the text (with my thumbs again, somewhat arduous) but I could not click the Post button to re-post it. It was disabled. It would have been better to (a) not let me edit the text, (b) have an active button that says why I can't click Post, or (c) just implement re-post, even if it means deleting the old post and re-posting.