Monday, December 22, 2008

iPhone: photo copying via Bluetooth, please

The iPhone seems to insist that you use iPhoto to get your photos out of it. Often that's a fine thing. But on somebody else's computer, or on various occasions, I want the photos out but I don't want to deal with my desktop computer directly and "pull" them out. I should be able to just push a button on my iPhone and have them bluetooth'ed or 3G'd or even emailed back to my mothership. The only option I have for "push from phone" is email, and I have to wait for one photo to be fully sent before it lets me send the next.

Or, even better, automatically sync them to a special place on MobileMe where I can get them at my leisure later (not necessarily publish them, but sync them and allow me to make them public/visible or not).

I'm amazed at the bluetooth gymnastics the iPhone performs when it's a phone: I can be in mid-conversation and start my car and the phone seamlessly switches to bluetooth hands-free. I sometimes don't even notice at first, it's so smooth. An experience like this with other kinds of data (notably photos which originate on my phone) would be a most welcome feature.

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