Sunday, January 04, 2015

Blog Reboot

I have had this blog for 11 years now, and there's a lot of stuff lurking in the archives.  It is a reflection of me, I suppose, though a disorganized one, without any particular theme.

I have a couple of other blogs, one of which is over here: and has the distinction of hosting my most-read blog post so far, about working with Steve Jobs.  But there isn't much content over there, alas, and the technology behind that blog is not good.

I have started a new blog at which hasn't been unveiled yet, and will be specific to the book contents.  I think that's okay

So I'm rebooting this blog going forward, changing the focus a little, and letting the past, and archives, fly as they may.

Maybe I will blog about internet clichés, like the "under construction" graphics  of yore (I almost included one, except no one would read this text if I had), or this:

Stay tuned.

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